Concrete Soakwell Installation in Perth

Are concrete soakwells the best option?

Since 2008 we have been installing concrete soakwells in Perth to council regulations. Servicing both the residential and commercial construction industry and private clients we can cater to any project.

Access, volume required, available space and cost will determine the suitability of concrete soakwells for the job at hand.

Concrete soakwells are NOT superior to polypropylene soakwells based on construction material alone as they are both trafficable at the same rating. In fact polypropylene soakwells have a larger percentage of void space for equivalent volumes.

Concrete soakwells being installed in Perth, Western Australia.

When are concrete soakwells the right choice ?

There are two main reasons why concrete soakwells could be preferred over polypropylene soakwells.

Advantages over polypropylene soakwells

  1. Concrete soakwell's can be accessed for cleaning through the grate in the cover. Essential when collecting water from the ground (eg. carparks).
  2. When a catchment area exceeds 300 m2, if there is good access and available space, concrete soakwells become more cost effective to supply and install larger volumes.

EXAMPLE - A 9 tonne excavator can install a 4580 litre, 1800 x 1800 soakwell relatively quickly and easily in a 2m x 2m area. This is equivalent to 33 polypropylene soakwells (at 100% volume), that would take more space, time and money to install.

Concrete soakwell installed with geofabric wrapped around it.

When performing scheduled soakwell maintenance a machine can easily remove natural material that enters the soakwell, through the grate in the cover. For this reason we prefer grated concrete soakwells over channel drains for driveways and carparks.

Email us your plans and we will determine your volume requirements, mark up your plan and provide you with a quote.

Soakwell excavation compacted.

 Tip! - A common misconception is concrete soakwells are stronger than polypropylene soakwells when in fact they are considered equal for normal road traffic (Class C Trafficable).

Concrete soakwells being installed in Perth, Western Australia. Concrete soakwell installed with geofabric wrapped around it. Soakwell installation in Perth's suburbs with a 9t excavator Soakwell excavation compacted.


When considering the available space remember that while councils may stipulate a minimum distance from footings and boundaries, a safe excavation must consider the angle of repose.

In essence this requires that the safe distance from a footing is the same distance as the depth of the hole.

1200 x 1200 soakwell = 1200mm deep + 150mm thick cover + 300mm backfill to surface = min 1650mm from footings.

Three concrete soakwells installed in a Perth apartment block. Concrete soakwell with grate installed in driveway.

Using the right equipment for the job

Using the right size excavator is critical for safety. For each project we ensure we are well within the capability of the machines

  • 3.5t excavator for 1200 soakwells,
  • 5t excavator for 1500 soakwells,
  • 9t excavator for 1800 dia soakwells.
Installation of a concrete soakwell with drainage grate.

Generally polypropylene soakwells are preferred over concrete soakwells smaller than 1200mm, unless being used in a carpark or driveway for surface runoff.

Spoil Removal

The amount of sand left over often comes as a surprise to some people as it is the volume of the soakwells, plus another 40% due to it not being compact.

As part of our service we also offer spoil removal from site using bobcat and truck.

Three interconnected concrete soakwells with grated covers.

If you plan on installing your own soakwells please visit our Do It Yourself Soakwells website for more information.


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General Information

All About Soakwells is a Perth based Western Australian business that installs and supplies soakwells and stormwater products for new and established homes.

All our work is based on stormwater calculations. Try our soakwell calculator tool.

We also install drainage for units and driveways, pool backwash systems and spoon drains.

We do not recommend PVC soakwells in Perth as they are non trafficable, provide inadequete volume and are made obsolete by polypropylene soakwells.

The number of soakwells required to meet council requirements for volume generally means that there is insuffcient space to maintain the required 1.5 - 1.8 metres from any boundary or footing down the sides of most properties.