Polypropylene Soakwell Installation in Perth

Polypropylene Soakwells?

For over 10 years All About Soakwells have been installing trafficable polypropylene soakwells in Perth.

The polypropylene soakwell has been invaluable in being able to deliver adequete drainage on sites with limited space, restricted access or an unusual block shape.

Polypropylene soakwells being assembled

Soakwell Quotes Quantified

Our unique process includes performing a stormwater calculation based on council recommendations, and adding markup to your plan or (even a Google maps image) to illustrate our quote.

By following a strict method we are proud to say that in over a decade we have had zero issues of any kind relating to inadequete drainage or sinking paving.

Our Process

  • Estimate the catchment area,
  • Determine required volume based on council rain event formula.
  • What is the minimum access for machinery ?
  • What is the location of underground services ?
  • Where is the available space in relation to the roof area ?

We believe it is in everyone's interest to equip our client's with information and we will never use misleading terms (such as flow rate) or make claims without substance regarding the performance of our products.

 Tip! - Always group the soakwells in as few locations as possible and connect to the proportional roof area. This area can be estimated, consistent distribution between individual downpipes cannot.

Installation of polyropylene soakwells with mini excavator.

What are Polypropylene Soakwells ?

Our polypropylene soakwells are modular cube's that join together. Manufactured from recycled polypropylene, our product is unique in many ways compared to every other polypropylene soakwell available (no exaggeration! Ask us why). Joined together any amount of volume is possible while maintaining the smallest footprint.

Around 60% of the soakwells surface area is void, and if arranged in single rows to maximise the potential, polypropylene soakwells are significantly more efficient compared to concrete soakwells of the same volume.

Each soakwell is wrapped in a geofabric made from a woven synthetic fibre that is needle punched to allow the water to flow through. The geofabric is chemically inert and will not rot or degrade underground over time. Both concrete and polypropylene soakwells are wrapped in geofabric.

We install a unique 140 soakwell - its length is only 500mm vs 750mm for all other poly soakwells. This equates to one third less space required for more volume. This product has several other advantages including locking together on all sides plus a unique honeycomb type construction that is significantly stronger than any other product.

A common misconception is that 'plastic' soakwells are inferior to concrete soakwells. This is true for the small 600mm dia PVC soakwells (found at Bunnings for example), but absolutely not the case for trafficable polypropylene soakwells.

Polypropylene soakwells can be stacked if space is limited.
Polypropylene soakwells being assembled. Installation of polyropylene soakwells fitted with risers. Trafficable polypropylene soakwells provide a solution in confined spaces. Polypropylene soakwells installed under synthetic grass. Polypropylene soakwells are highly efficient in Perth's sandy soil.


To maximise the potential of this product polypropylene soakwells should be grouped and installed in rows. The purpose of a soakwell is to drain, maximising the surface area is integral to performance. Anywhere soakwells touch is a void space.

Sometimes available space neccessitates multiple rows being neccessary, in these cases it is preferable to have a 1m gap between rows, with a single interconnecting pipe.

We install the unique 140 litre polypropylene soakwells. These are superior due to their dimensions, allowing more soakwells in a smaller area compared to the different 130 litre soakwells available.

4 x 130 soakwells @ 750mm long = 3 m long x 455 wide x 750mm deep.
4 x 140 soakwells @ 500mm long = 2 m long x 500mm wide x 900mm deep.

Our excavator makes restricted access soakwell excavation easy. Our mini excavator pictured with some installed modular soakwells. Our 750mm wide mini dumper can lift sand 1.3m high and tip.

Restricted Access Excavation Specialists

Hire the same machines we use for the job. Our excavator and mini dumper can access an 800mm gap and we are equipped with a rockbreaker if hard digging is encountered.

Our tiny 1 tonne mini excavator can withdraw its tracks to 720mm and has a folding / removable rollcage for height restrictions. Fitted with a 600mm bucket designed for installing our modular soakwells, rubber tracks and a weight of less than one tonne, site disruption is kept to a minimum.

Our mini excavator makes restricted access soakwell excavation easy.

Restricted access materials handling is easy with our mini dumper. Move 5 wheelbarrows or 1000kg through 800mm access, then lift it 1.3m and tip into a skip. We can manage the spoil on the go and keep the site neat and tidy.

Our 750mm wide mini dumper can lift sand 1.3m high and tip.

What next?

Email us your plans and using the correct formula we will determine your volume requirements and provide you with an online quote.

If you plan on installing your own soakwells please visit our site DIY Soakwells for more information, including our soakwell calculator.

 Tip! - The digger and dumper are both 750mm wide, so you will need a minimum of 800mm access on level ground.


 Polypropylene soakwell - Installation pricelist


 Office: 08 6406 2112

General Information

All About Soakwells is a Perth based Western Australian business that specialises in stormwater drainage systems for sites with restricted access or unusual footprints.

We add markup to your plan to show the proposed works and to provide context to our quote. Each system is designed to meet the unique needs of each client and all quotes are grounded in quantifiable calculations based on Perth's soakwell council regulations.

Polypropylene soakwells are suitable for use under concrete, asphalt, paving, grass and sand. A polypropylene soakwell can be used anywhere a concrete one would be. Both concrete and polypropylene soakwells are wrapped in geofabric.

In following our basic tenants; access, available space and volume, we have never had a client with an issue related to their soakwell installation.